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Microsoft Business Intelligence 


We are Microsoft Partners 

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We've worked with every single generation of Microsoft business intelligence technology, from SQL Server 6.5 (the Sybase split) right up to 2014, and from SharePoint Portal Server/Team Services right up to SharePoint 2013 Enterprise.

We've been Microsoft partners for ten years, and have specialised in nothing but Microsoft technology for the last eight.  We strongly recommend Microsoft technology on the grounds that it is complete (you don't need anything else to create a total solution), it's robust, it's relatively cheap (compared to some) and it's really fast.  We typically get sub-second response time for all queries against our multidimensional data warehouses.

Here's an overview of our skill areas.  Please note: all  of these are required to deliver an end-to-end Microsoft solution.


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BI Scope with Microsoft - download the PDF here